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Liquorice Rose Hip Flower

Nordic ice dessert

This Nordic ice dessert is an irresistible combination of mild liquorice ice cream, fragrant rose hip flower and raspberry sorbet with finely chopped white chocolate. 

Our rich ice cream is made with creamy milk and cream from grass-fed Danish cows and is perfectly offset by the mild liquorice flavour.

Our fragrant fusion of rose hip flowers and fruity raspberries creates an incredible flavour and palette that awakens your senses.

We’ve finely crushed our white chocolate to enhance the deliciously mild and nutty flavour. A gentle touch of sweetness and smooth texture to complete your dessert. 

All of our ice desserts are organic and free from artificial flavourings, colouring and preservatives.

Words by Christina Marker 
Photographs by Ditte Isager 
Styling by Christine Rudolph and Mikkel Karstad 
Illustrations by Maja Sten