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Chocolate Sea Buckthorn

Nordic ice dessert

This Nordic ice dessert is an irresistible combination of rich chocolate and honey ice cream, tangy sea buckthorn sorbet and crushed dark chocolate. 

Our rich ice cream produced from grass-fed Danish cows has been combined with chocolate made with wild cocoa beans and a light hint of honey.

For our sea buckthorn sorbet, we use hand-picked organic berries to optimise the natural colour and taste. Their delicious tanginess adds a uniquely refreshing flavour to our sorbet.

Our perfectly crushed chocolate is made from 78% dark chocolate from organic cocoa beans sourced deep in the Amazon jungle. 

All of our ice desserts are organic and free from artificial flavourings, colouring and preservatives.

Words by Christina Marker
Photographs by Ditte Isager
Styling by Christine Rudolph and Mikkel Karstad
Illustrations by Maja Sten


Sea Buckthorn

Harvesting sea buckthorn is notoriously difficult. The all-important berries are usually hidden behind a dense thicket of thorns. But for those who persevere, the reward is a thick, sour, highly nutritious juice squeezed from the tiny fruit. They are used in an array of culinary dishes as well as health and cosmetic products. 

And because sea buckthorn (known also as sallow thorn or sea berry) retains these bright orange berries well into winter, it's been used for centuries in northern climates as a vitally important source of Vitamin C at a time of year when it was almost impossible to come by naturally. 

Wild Cocoa Beans

For years, award-winning Danish chocolatier Rasmus Bo Bojensen had been on the hunt for organic cocoa beans. In 2010, he heard about a unique species of cocoa growing in the Amazon jungle in Bolivia.

It took five flights, an entire day of canoeing up a dark jungle river and a ten mile hike through the verdant undergrowth to reach the village of Baures. And Rasmus found the wild organic cocoa beans he was looking for.

The green and yellow cocoa fruits had never been cultivated, fertilized or treated with any herbicides whatsoever.
Using nothing but these beans and organic Brazilian cane sugar, Rasmus created Oialla chocolate.

The pure flavour makes Oialla the preferred chocolate at many gourmet restaurants in Denmark and Europe.


It goes without saying that dairy is our key ingredient -pure, rich organic milk from healthy cows. 

To achieve the perfect creamy texture in our ice cream, we get our milk from Naturmaelk, a small organic dairy based in southern Denmark. It's a cooperative made up of over thirty farmers, each committed to a belief in the right way to rear livestock. 

Happy, healthy cows produce the best milk. It’s a difference we hope you’ll be able to taste.