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Camomile Apple

Nordic ice dessert

This Nordic ice dessert is an irresistible combination of subtle camomile and vanilla ice cream, refreshing apple sorbet and golden roasted pumpkin seeds.

Taste the difference with our creamy milk and cream from grass-fed Danish cows, which we’ve combined with French bourbon vanilla and a hint of camomile flowers.

For our apple sorbet, we’ve used ripened apples from orchards on specially-selected organic farms to ensure our sorbet retains that wonderfully intense crisp and sweet apple flavour.

Our golden roasted pumpkin seeds have been especially slow-roasted by our preferred Danish roasting experts to ensure a perfectly crisp texture and sweet nutty flavour 

All of our ice desserts are organic and free from artificial flavourings, colouring and preservatives.

Words by Christina Marker
Photographs by Ditte Isager
Styling by Christine Rudolph and Mikkel Karstad
Illustrations by Maja Sten


Camomile Flower

​With its yellow centre and white petals, the camomile flower could easily be confused with the common daisy. Its strong fragrance, however, is unmistakable –perfumed, floral with a hint of lemon.

The calming properties of camomile are by no means a recent discovery. Papyruses from Ancient Egypt make reference to the plant, meaning its benefits have been known about for at least 3500 years. 

Until recently, camomile was commonly enjoyed as a herbal infusion, but it has come a long way from its humble roots. It now features as a star ingredient on the menus of award-winning chefs.


There are over 7,500 varieties of apples – some as small as cherries while some can become the size of grapefruits. Grown all over the world, it’s unsurprising that the apple plays a symbolic role in religion and folklore. In Norse mythology, the goddess Idun was responsible for guarding the apples that provide the gods with eternal youth.

One of our main suppliers is Germany’s family-run Voelkel Naturkostsafte. For three generations, the company has been producing exquisite biodynamic fruit and vegetable juices, a thriving business that started from the family’s private orchard.

WinterSpring has also begun a collaboration with Strynø Frugthave fruit orchard, which sits on an island in the southern archipelago of Denmark. The unique environment -clay soil, sea air, extended summer sunshine- makes Stynø's apples unforgettably delicious.


It goes without saying that dairy is our key ingredient -pure, rich organic milk from healthy cows. 

To achieve the perfect creamy texture in our ice cream, we get our milk from Naturmaelk, a small organic dairy based in southern Denmark. It's a cooperative made up of over thirty farmers, each committed to a belief in the right way to rear livestock. 

Happy, healthy cows produce the best milk. It’s a difference we hope you’ll be able to taste.