Dessert Box

Camomile Vanilla and Apple with Pumpkin Seeds

This Nordic ice dessert is an irresistable combination of subtle camomile and vanilla ice cream, refreshing apple sorbet and golden roasted pumpkin seeds. Ideal for 2-3 people to share.



With its yellow centre and white petals, the camomile flower could easily be confused with the common daisy. Its strong fragrance, however, is unmistakable –perfumed, floral with a hint of lemon.

The calming properties of camomile are by no means a recent discovery. Papyruses from Ancient Egypt make reference to the plant, meaning its benefits have been known about for at least 3500 years.  Until recently, camomile was commonly enjoyed as a herbal infusion, but it has come a long way from its humble roots. It now features as a star ingredient on the menus of award-winning chefs.


The Ndali estate stretches over 1000 acres of mixed tropical farm amid the explosion craters of the Ndali Volcanic Field in Western Uganda. The farm specialises in exquisite quality vanilla, our chef's favourite. Lulu Sturdy is the woman to honour for this incredible initiative, turning the family acreage into a fine Fairtrade and organic vanilla estate.

The vanilla that we use is a vanilla composite of skin, seeds and fleshy pulp - all finely milled into a fine powder. A pure way to use the pods and particularly perfect for ice cream. In fact, a decent amount of the flavour of the vanilla bean is in the skin, and not just the seeds.