Dark chocolate 70% with hazelnuts from Piemonte

Chocolate bar

Dark Chocolate 70% with roasted hazelnuts from Piemonte 
Winterspring’s dark chocolate bar with roasted hazel nuts is a powerful combination of our own dark 70% signature chocolate sprinkled with hazel nuts from Piemonte in Italy.
The nuts originate from the recognized producer Emanuele Canaparo, in the village of Cravanzana. They are selected for their sublime taste and gives a crunchy texture to the dark chocolate.
In the production of our chocolate bars we have combined three different beans from Nicaragua and Guatemala which have been carefully selected based on their unique quality and flavours. The beans have been light-roasted ensure the special flavour qualities that is created right from the farmer. The result is a perfectly balanced and intense chocolate with volume, acid and notes of caramel.