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Anna R Kinman


In the search for ceramics for our desserts we found the perfect match in Anna R. Kinman. 
We visited her atelier in Malmø - a sensuous studio where you experience her multiple talents. She does sculptural work for exhibitions, items for restaurants, public places as well as for private homes.She also works as a musician and play the viola. “Both fields add a lot to each other and help me to see things from different angles. Precision and sensuousness are common for both.” 

To learn more about her work and creative process we asked her a few questions: 

What inspires you? 
What inspires me can be the richness in the diversity in nature and the full beauty in the smallest things. It can be the smell of a flower and the structure of a leaf.It triggers me to explore how to peel off the surplus, to be clean and clear in the form language. To show the long lines in music together with complexity also when it comes to ceramic form. Communication without words and connection with nature.Freedom and trust in the collaboration with other people. To come into a restaurant kitchen feeling the wonderful smells and seeing the "dance" in the kitchen with everyone working respectfully together. To open senses and give a "wow-feeling" and harmony in the same time. It's nice to see how a new plate I make can inspire the chefs as well as I get inspired by their work.
Do you have a connection to nature? If so, in what way? 
Nature is truly my greatest source for inspiration. To lay down in the wild forest experiencing the diversity in form and color and how the light changes affect that, is rich. That kind of change of perspective can make us see ourselves and our daily context in a different way making us encouraged yet humble before the power of that beauty.

What kind of ceramics do you do and why? 
My aim is to think that everything is possible. We learn from one field and apply our knowledge to another. I appreciate the challenges in making new forms and colors and in learning something new while doing that. When people come to my atelier I do my best to listen and use my knowledge to fulfil their wishes. Therefore, the ceramics I make span over a rather wide range. My personal path and wish is to study nature and people through my hands and mind and of course that affects the ceramics that I make. I wish to sharpen the classic skills and use them with a free mind.
Why did you choose to collaborate with Winterspring? 
I'm interested in how people from different professional backgrounds together can make things grow in beautiful ways. I have very good experiences of this from different fields. Winterspring had also chosen a very beautiful setting with natural and harmonic materials which is something I appreciate.I do believe it can make people feel welcomed into an environment with materials from nature with a short way from hand and heart to customer. There is a true aim in the Winterspring group to make something good together and to create a positive and warm atmosphere.
How has it been developing ceramics for desserts? 
There are many steps included in the process from trying different combinations of clays and colours that will serve the purpose best on to forming, glazing and making the final product. My wish is to be open, listening in the dialogue and to use my knowledge in the best ways.The desserts the Winterspring chefs make are really fantastic which is inspiring in itself. The experience we wish to create involves all senses. To make things by hand takes a lot of time. Somehow, I think that the time put into the object comes through to the person being receptive for it and that it can add an extra value to the experience.
Anna R. Kinman:
Address: Atelier Östra Ryttmästaregatan 15, Malmö, Sweden.