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Vanilla Spice

The New Nordic Cuisine is not just using local ingredients, but using traditional ingredients that have always been close by, and adapting the older techniques making the dishes simplistic while simultaneously being packed with flavours.

The new approach to cooking originated during the 2000s in the Scandinavian regions and has been developing ever since then, becoming more intricate and sophisticated by the year. The practice started catching on around 2004 when Claus Meyer and a group of top chefs, food activists and entrepreneurs put their heads together to create the manifesto, called The New Nordic Food Manifesto. The aims of the manifesto are also to represent the simplicity yet exquisite tastes that the chefs want to associate with the Nordic regions. As well as popularising the idea of going back the roots of cooking.

By Wintersprings sourcing most of their ingredients locally they have an edge over existing ice cream companies. By working closely with some of the top chefs in Denmark and also working with the exclusive ingredients of the northern regions. 

One if the foreign ingredients used at Winterspring is Vanilla. The spice that is used today was originated in Mexico. During the 19th century, it was imported into Madagascar by the French and has been associated with the island ever since. Because of this Madagascar is the No. 1 producer of vanilla in the world. Seventy-five percent of vanilla on the market today is derived from vanilla plants in Madagascar and Réunion. It’s commonly known as Bourbon vanilla.
The Melipona bee were the ones to pollinate the flowers in Mexico in the first place. Later on, news spread that the vanilla flower could be pollinated by hand, making it possible to grow vanilla in other tropical countries where the Melipona bee was not around. If this method was not discovered it would not be possible for farmers in Madagascar to grow vanilla.
As outsiders looking in at this flourishing company, we feel that Wintersprings represents the northern countries brilliantly with vibrant colours, incredible flavour combinations, both delicate and elegant. All this in just a package with three components.

Text by Emilia and Annie