Projekt Hjemløs

Winterspring is collaborating with Projekt Hjemløs ('The Homeless Project'), a Danish charity providing food to homeless people through a network of volunteers.

The organisation was set up in 2012 by Gitte Johansen who wanted to help Copenhagen's homeless who were left without a place to go on the weekends. Run entirely by volunteers, the vulnerable are offered a meal and a warm place to stay for a few hours when other services are shut.

The charity also offers a host of other services like access to bathing facilities, clothes, counseling and legal assistance or even just a haircut, all provided by members of the local community wishing to help.

The food is cooked and served by Gitte's team of volunteers, who primarily use surplus produce donated by local businesses. In March 2015 winterspring donated some of its ice desserts to the charity, something we plan to do again regularly.

We encourage as many businesses and individuals as possible to join us in supporting this worthwhile project. It is making a big difference to some of Copenhagen's most vulnerable people.

Words by Christina Marker