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Single flavors

We have developed our own line of fine single flavor ice creams and sorbets. All ingredients are organic and carefully sourced. '

Apple Sorbet
We use ripened apples from orchards from specially-selected organic farms to ensure our sorbet retains that wonderfully intense crisp and sweet apple flavor.

Cherry Sorbet
Our new cherry sorbet is velvety smooth and fruity in the flavour. That’s because it’s packed with ripened cherries and on only 4 ingredients. Our cherry sorbet is rich and dense with a beautiful natural colour. 

Raspberry Rose Sorbet
Our fragrant fusion of rose hip flowers and fruity raspberries create an incredible flavor and palette that awakens the senses. We have added a hint of organic beetroot to complement the organic raspberries and enhance the sorbet’s natural color, resulting in a beautiful rosy hue.

Sea Buckthorn Sorbet
We use hand-picked organic berries to optimize the natural taste. Their delicious tanginess adds a uniquely refreshing flavor to our sorbet. The sorbet gets its beautiful shade of orange from the brightly colored sea buckthorn berries.

Raspberry Sorbet
Our raspberry sorbet is full of incredible flavor and yet very smooth. We have added a hint of cane sugar to complement the raspberries and enhance the sorbet’s creamines. The sorbet is made from only 5 ingredients and have a beautiful, natural colour. 

Vanilla Bourbon Ice cream
Voluptuous vanilla ice cream, rich and full-flavored, with notes of jasmine and honey. Made with a rare blend of Bourbon vanilla beans, this ice cream offers an exquisite, round, full-bodied vanilla flavor.
Chocolate and Honey Ice cream
Dark Belgian chocolate and a hint of wild flower honey in combination makes this an incredible smooth and rich in flavor ice cream.

Coffee Ice cream
Red Clay espresso beans steeped in cream. The
sweet, complex flavor and pungent aroma of fresh espresso is encapsulated and translated perfectly in our coffee ice cream. Red Clay is an espresso with a rich mouth feel, notes of chocolate, nougat and caramel with a soft acidity.

Liquorice Ice cream
Our rich and creamy liquorice ice cream is made with organic milk and cream from grass-fed Danish cows and is perfectly offset by the mild liquorice sweetness. We use organic Italian liquorice, which has been carefully sourced for its flavor and refined quality. 

Camomile Vanilla Ice cream
Taste the difference with our creamy ice cream made from organic milk and cream from Naturmælk’s grass-fed Danish cows, which we have combined with our own blend of French Bourbon vanilla and a hint of camomile flowers. We use dried camomile flowers to delicately infuse our ice cream with their sweet, herbaceous aroma.

Dark Chocolate Ice cream

An incredible dark and smooth chocolate ice cream Using a dark rarest of rare chocolate from the wild cacao trees growing on Amazon forest islands, we think this is the best chocolate ice cream around.

Winterspring ice creams and sorbets are organic, seasonal, free from gluten and produced in Denmark.

The flavors can be purchased at the online retailer, Meny Rotunden and The Bread Station in Charlottenlund.