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Dessert Box To Go



Every month we offer a chef prepared and ready to serve dessert, suitable for 4-5 people to share.

The dessert is prepared by our own team of talented chefs - ready to be enjoyed with friends & family at home. Our chefs offer serving suggestion which will be included in the box with all the necessary ingredients ready for serving - this way you can rest assured that all you have to do is serve the desserts on to cold plates. It is that easy! 

Spring has finally come and we celebrate it with  a irrisistible combination of Winterspring Caramel ice cream and Apple Sorbet with Almond brittle, Apple syrup and fresh mint. Price is DKK 200

We also serve our dessert box of the month in a cup, to enjoy outside. Price is DKK 50 

To get your hands on our ice desserts to go, drop by our breakfast- and dessert bar in Store Strandstræde.

Store Strandstræde 16, 1255 Copenhagen