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Ice Creams and Sorbets

At Winterspring we make award winning desserts, ice creams and sorbets using only natural and organic raw materials. 


Winterspring granola is produced exclusively in Denmark at Aurion, specialists in milling Nordic grains since 1974. Our oats are carefully sourced from a small group of biodynamic crops.


Our chocolate comprises beans, carefully chosen for their unique quality and flavour. 

Ice Desserts

Winterspring collaborate exclusively with acclaimed chefs using their own unique recipes and carefully selected organic ingredients to create our range of exquisite Nordic ice desserts.

Dessertbox of the month:


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Harvesting sea buckthorn is notoriously difficult. The all-important berries are usually hidden behind a dense thicket of thorns. But for those who persevere, the reward is a thick, sour, highly nutritious juice squeezed from the tiny fruit. 
They are used in an array of culinary dishes as well as health and cosmetic products. 


There are over 7,500 varieties of apples – some as small as cherries while some can become the size of grapefruits. Grown all over the world, it’s unsurprising that the apple plays a symbolic role in religion and folklore. In Norse mythology, the goddess Idun was responsible for guarding the apples that provide the gods with eternal youth.


Liquorice is experiencing a rebirth. No longer just for children, today’s liquorice is aimed at adults - foodies looking for a new flavour.

It may come as a surprise but the best quality liquorice acutally comes from Calabria, Italy, where for over three centuries Amarelli has been extracting liquorice from the plants that grow naturally over the Calabrian coastline. Amarelli only uses local produce. 


Winterspring Hazelnut and Cocoa spread
Hazelnut and Cocoa Spread

Wintersprings exquisite spread of hazelnut and cocoa is made of lightly roasted hazelnuts from Piemonte in Italy. South of Langhe in the Piemonte region the hazelnuts are grown and harvested by hand.

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Dessert Box To Go
Dessertbox of the month:


Every month we offer a chef prepared and ready to serve dessert, suitable for 4-5 people to share.

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Design X Change

This weekend we will be part of Design x Change at Designmuseum Danmark

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Winterspring POP-UP
Magasin Kgs. Nytorv

We are excited to announce the opening of our Summer pop-up at Magasin Kongens Nytorv, Copenhagen. 

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Dessert Box To Go

Every month we offer a chef prepared and ready to serve dessert, suitable for 4-5 people to share.

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Cream puffs

Our team of chefs have developed what we think is a winning recipe for the Danish “Flødebolle” using the freshest ingredients and always Nordic natural berries or our own blend of Bourbon vanilla.

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Dessert Box To Go
Dessert box of the month:

Every month we offer a chef prepared and ready to serve dessert, suitable for 4-5 people to share.

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- Apple sorbet

We are proud to have been awarded with 2 stars by Great Taste 2017 awards for our Apple Sorbet. This is the third time that we receive the prestigious stars.

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Dessert Box To Go
Dessert Box Of The Month:

Meet Winterspring Dessert Box To Go!
Every month we offer a chef prepared and ready to serve dessert, suitable for 4-5 people to share.

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ice cream
Single flavors

We have developed our own line of fine single flavor ice creams and sorbets. All ingredients are organic and carefully sourced. '

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Award-winning design

We are delighted to have been selected as winner of the prestigious Red Dot Award for Communication Design, acknowledging the extraordinary care and attention that is reflected in our brand and packaging design.

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August 2016 stories
CHART Art Fair
Royal Academy of Fine Arts

This weekend CHART ART FAIR took place at our next door office neighbour, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen.

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Ekstremt gode is

Winterspring is har tidligere vundet anerkendelse i Børsens Smagspris for ekstraordinær god kvalitet. Nu udvides sortimentet med ti nye varianter bestående af seks iscreme og fire sorbeter. Råvarerne er økologiske og består af bl.a. nordiske bær, vilde hybenroser, solmodne æbler og blomster, bourbon vanille, italiensk lakridsrod, espressokaffe, kamilleblomst, chokolade og havsalt. 

Sunday Times Food

A Frozen Dream

The dessert is made up of vibrant colours which helps to make the experience exceptional, providing an explosion of powerful and yet delicate flavours.


Ilse Crawford glazes a Nordic dessert bar with British design flourishes

Breakfast, dessert, ice cream: the three main food groups. Winterspring is owning each. The famed Copenhagen sweets specialist, which was until recently a to-go caterer, has provided its delicious delicacies a much deserved bricks-and-mortar home, and we’re eating it up.


Copenhagen Food

Tid til is

Dessertbaren Winterspring åbnede på stilfærdig vis sidst i februar, lige på nippet til dén mellemårstid, den er opkaldt efter. Siden da har de brugt den bløde lancering til at få styr på de sidste detaljer og perfektionere deres udtryk, så man i dag kan forkæle sig med ulastelige morgen- eller dessertanretninger i Store Strandstræde.


6 hjerter: Dessertdrømmen er opfyldt

At kalde Winterspring for café og bar er en underdrivelse. Det er et eksklusivt dessertunivers på topgourmetniveau. Hvis man kunne få en michelinstjerne for at drive et dessertsted, var det et oplagt sted at placere en stjerne. Derfor er der 6 hjerter til Winterspring. Fordi alt er så gennemført – fra service til tallerken.
The Drinking and Dining Dictionary

Just desserts Winterspring Copenhagen

Chilly desserts don't come more refreshing than Winterspring's, whose unmatched flavours are informed by the likes of wild raspberries, sunripened apples and Italian liquorice. "We have always taken pride in combining Nordic flavours with innovative techniques to create exquisite desserts" says founder Karina Schmitt Lund. Now Winterspring has opened its own dessert bar, which also serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea..
  • About

    Winterspring is celebrated for its incredible quality in ice creams, sorbets, use of ingredients and exceptional Nordic design.

    The team has gained great acclaim for winning various Danish and international awards for their ice creams and sorbets, which offers unique Nordic flavours. Ice Cream from Winterspring is produced in Denmark on a tiny island south of Funen. The team uses only organic and always natural ingredients, the brand's sorbet line made of only four ingredients is a real testament of the brand's quality commitment.

    All flavours are Nordic, offering taste and flavour combinations that are otherwise only found in acclaimed restaurants in our region. A unique testament to what separates Winterspring from any other existing brand in the market.

    Winterspring uses Nordic sea buckthorn, handpicked raspberry, sun-ripened apples and dried flowers in their sorbets. The ice creams are made using a unique Winterspring Bourbon vanilla, Italian liquorice root, dark-roasted espresso coffee, dried camomile flowers, Grand Cru chocolate and sea salt from Iceland, which are bought together to create sublime taste experiences.

  • Founder

    Karina Schmitt Lund is the CEO and founder of award winning Winterspring celebrated for its exquisite quality in ice cream and sorbets, use of ingredients and exceptional Nordic design.

    Her company has developed flavors in collaboration with some of the world’s leading Nordic chefs. Karina has built a brand renowned for its visionary quality, Nordic flavours and ingredients led approach. In the last decade, Nordic cuisine has taken the world by storm. The appeal is easy to understand because it’s not just about the ingredients; it’s also about the approach.

    At the heart of it is the idea that we use everything around us, as responsibly, ethically and creatively as possible.

    That’s why so many traditional ingredients that have been forgotten or have just fallen out of fashion have been rediscovered and championed by top chefs and food lovers throughout the Nordic countries.

Single flavours

Our first line of single flavour ice creams and sorbets

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